APACHE is explicit lyric with extensive career in the Venezuelan rap, neighborhood resident Mine Baruta, best known place in his lyrics as MINE CITY, member of the Venezuelan grouping the 4th power. It comprising three solo albums, the first entitled "Without A nar Much" (2008) the second album called "Nando" (2010) and for 2012 APACHE made o cial release their third album entitled "necessary" in the Latin rap festival in connection the month of June. APACHE in their songs not only reveals the absolute reality of their country, city or neighborhood, but their day to day in this place next to the great problem that shelters all Venezuelans. APACHE has shown his listeners that with perseverance and discipline work marking pattern are achieved, as it has achieved with its back video co on stage, spearhead of his latest work discográ how necessary it is already on sale in major cities.

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